Rental Policies for Three Gee's RV & Boat Storage

  • Recreational vehicles must be registered, licensed, and insured at all times to occupy a unit. Proof of valid registration and insurance renewals must be provided to Three Gee's Storage 20 days prior to expiration. Supporting documents may be provided via email at , fax (757-482-4377), or hand delivery.

  • Customer's personal vehicles are not permitted to be parked in the customer’s rented unit space while the customer is traveling with recreational vehicles.

  • The posted speed limit entering and departing the facility is 10 MPH. It is important to obey this speed for the safety of tenants and customers, as well as the integrity of the roadway.

  • A Wash Down Area has been identified and marked for the use of all storage customers. Please wash/rinse your recreational vehicle; dry in your designated unit. This will avoid any delays, long lines and/or complications for its use. Water provided is not potable.

  • Repairs and maintenance of recreational vehicles is not permitted on the premises.

  • Recreational vehicles cannot be used as a residence on the premises. Utilities are not provided, nor does city zoning permit this use of the property.

  • A security gate code is provided to storage customers only. Providing this code to any unauthorized individuals is strictly prohibited.

  • All storage fees are due on the first of each month. A late fee of 20% will be charged to any account that is not paid in full by the fifth day of the month.

  • A convenience fee of 3.65% will be added to the total of each credit card payment.