1868 Mt. Pleasant Road, Chesapeake, VA 23322
    -- Outdoor Storage Rental Agreement --

    This Rental Agreement covers a month-to-month period. The rental fee is due on the first of each month, with a late fee assessed of twenty percent (20%) of monthly rent after the 5th of each month (). Any rental commencing other than on the first of any month will be prorated. The full security deposit is refundable if Lessee provides 30-calendar day email notification (only), of their intent to terminate this agreement. If Lessor does not receive 30-day written notice, security deposit is not refundable. A security deposit to reserve a unit is not refundable. A full month's rent is due if Lessee occupies the unit for any part of a month, or vacates later than scheduled departure date. The unit will be leased again immediately following the departure date provided by customer. A $25.00 Returned Check fee will apply for non-sufficient funds notification. ().

    Lessee understands and agrees that while occupying rented unit, Lessor does not insure against, and is not responsible to, Lessee or any person for acts of God, fire, theft, vandalism, destruction, damage, flood or any other losses or casualty of any kind or nature whatsoever to Lessee's Stored Property, its equipment or any other property in, on or about Lessee's Stored Property. Lessee agrees if Lessor requires any maintenance, repairs or upgrade work to be performed in or near Lessees unit or Lot, Lessor will provide Lessee twenty-four (24) hours' notice to move vehicle to another designated location of the Storage Lot. ()

    Lessee shall reimburse Lessors costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees, incurred by Lessor in enforcing this Rental Agreement, regardless whether Lessor brings suit.

    Lessee shall provide Lessor with proof of appropriate insurance coverage while stored on premises and promptly provide insurance renewal certificate. () Vehicle must be registered and licensed.

    The facility has 24/7 accessibility. Front Entrance gate may be secured and will require opening for access to premises on off hours of property operation. The gate code is periodically changed, and notification will be made via email at those occurrences. This code is assigned for your information only for accessibility to the premises and is not to be SHARED. In the event you access the property and the gate is open, please close and lock it upon departure. You are responsible to secure the gate if last one out. We have other businesses on the property and ask that it be secure during non-business hours. ()

    Maintenance of Stored Property is strictly prohibited while on premises. Occupancy of Stored Property is strictly prohibited. Electricity is not provided. In addition, no personal vehicles may be left in leased unit while traveling with Motorhomes, travel trailers, etc. () In addition, it is your responsibility to ensure compliance with the posted speed limits on the premises while entering and departing the property. ()

    The Lessee understands and acknowledges that this is the complete agreement between both parties, and is entered into freely and voluntarily. Our policies are located on our website at and constitutes part of this rental agreement and both parties do hereby agree to abide by the policies therein. You will be provided a copy of your signed lease.

    Any notification/correspondence to Lessor is by phone (757) 510-8124 or Email at

    Please refer to your existing rental agreement for monthly lease amount.

    Payments using credit cards are subject to a convenience fee. ()

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